Hudson Yards

                                                                                                                 Photo by Andres Villarreal                        


Name of project: Hudson Yards
Type of project: Urban redevelopment, city rezoning
Location: Manhattan, New York City, United States of America
Coordinates: 40.754 661° N 74.003 783° W
Total cost of project: 20-25 billion USD
Commencement of construction: 2012
First conception: 2003
Expected completion date: 2025
Total number of buildings: 43
Total number of scyscrapers: 16
Number of rezoned street blocks: 60
Total project land coverage: 11,3 hectars / 28 acres
Total land affected by rezoning: 16,6 hectars / 41 acres
Publicly accessible space total coverage: 5,66 hectars / 14 acres
Commercial and residential space: 1 672 254.72 m2 / 18 000 000 ft2
Amount of planned new homes currently classified as affordable: one third
Number of parks: 3
Number of plants: 28 000
Number of trees: 255
Projected number of daily visitors upon completion: 65 000
Projected total number of people daily, including residents and workers: 125 000
Technological advances and features:
– air quality monitoring
– heat mapping to track crowd size and energy usage
– opt-in mobile apps to track visitors health and activities
– pedestrian and vehicular traffic monitoring
– sensors collecting data about noise levels and energy and water usage
– organic and solid waste collection and recycling using 45 miles per hour (72 km/h)
pneumatic tubes; garbage trucks will not be used
Official website:
Slogans and tag lines:
“A model for the 21st century urban experience”
”The new heart of New York”